About us


Acceleror is the latest Internet Service Providers where we provide services such as Ultra fast Broadband,ADSL, Ultra VDSL,Digital Phone lines which can have features like Auto Attendant,cloud pbx and many more.  with a deep knowledge in IT infrastructure and Electronic devices services.

Acceleror mainly converges for the best providers for business and home broadband , keeping in mind your needs and budget and support at its best.

Acceleror believes in best support and options for customization of your needs, so that we adapt to your needs rather than you adapt to our services. Any company can give good products but giving the best support is what we focus on.

Acceleror is the latest venture of our technology and services oriented company TechGenius.

We have been continuously surveying the needs of our businesses and communities which resulted in our venture for our robust services as an Internet Service Providers.

Acceleror evolves into this market as proper users of the technology and provide it to people with the best deals and make this technology cheaper and available for all the New Zealanders.

This is just a beginning; we will make it a trend!

Our motto: Let’s make better technology affordable and easy!