DDI and Channels

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Additional New Zealand numbers can be added to any Acceleror account via Acceleror live. We can provide numbers for all calling regions in New Zealand.

Cloud PBX Numbers
Cost: $20 + GST/mth
Cloud PBX numbers include all features,  increase your account channels by 1.
The numbers included with your monthly calling plan can be Cloud PBX numbers or New Zealand Toll Free numbers

Cost: $10 + GST/mth
DDIs do not include cloud PBX features and will not add to your bundle minutes or channels
Any DDis added to your account are charged – they are not included in your plan lines
DDIs can only be added to any customized requirements if you already took some plan from us


Additional channels can be added to accounts if required.
Cost: $10 + GSTper block of 5 channels

Reasonable business use applied to all channels.