How to make a complaint

We are committed in providing high quality services to all our customers and if something goes wrong  please follow below process

we have following goals

  • To deal with customer in efficient manner and in fair manner
  • To increase Customer Satisfaction
  • To use complaints in improvement of our services
  • To Rectify any mistakes made by our Employees and help customer in soughting out problem.

Step-1  Please E-mail with customer name, number and detailed compliant.

Step-2  We will acknowledge E-mail  and we will investigate your complaint, this takes 15 working days.

step-3  we will advise you outcome within 15 working days after investigating people responsible for your complaint.

step-4 if your still not satisfied with outcome please mail back again with reference number to appeal  the decision, seeking further review of the outcome.

Step-5  We will write to you within 14 days of receiving your request for review, confirming our final position on complaint and explain the reason for our findings.